GAIA - Moons Of Jupiter (Vinyl)

Size chart

Released June 21st 2019

Side A
A1 Metis
A2 Adrastea
A3 Amalthea
A4 Thebe

Side B
B1 Themisto
B2 Leda
B3 Himalia

Side C
C1 Jupiter LXXI (S/2018J1)
C2 Jupiter LXV (S/2017J4)

Side D
D1 Lysithea [Sine Square Noise]
D2 Elara
D3 Dia [Computer Electronic]

Side E
E1 Carpo
E2 Io

Side F
F1 Europa
F2 Ganymede

Side G
G1 Callisto
G2 Euporie

Side H
H1 - (Lost) (S/2003J12) [Moons Of Jupiter]
H2 Valetudo
H3 Jupiter LX (S/2003J3)

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