Lost Frequencies - Less is More (Vinyl)

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Release date: 24-02-2023

Less Is More is the debut studio album by DJ and record producer Lost Frequencies. The Belgian youngster shook the world with debut single “Are You With Me” and soon found himself on top of the world, following up on his worldwide smash with global sensation “Reality” and “Beautiful Life”. Now, he shows the full extent of his potential through his debut album.

Harboring a plethora of ridiculously catchy singles alongside the beforementioned hits, Less Is More shows exactly why Lost Frequencies’ signature sound is so widely acclaimed. Easy on the ear, increasingly addictive, and filled with gorgeous, laid-back vibes. The songs on the album allow minds to drift and emotions to flow freely, all made possible through delicate arrangements and a strong choice of sounds. Lost Frequencies describes the album himself as being “all about the simplicity of good feelings blending together, bringing a chill but still energetic vibe.”


Less Is More is available as a limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on white & black marbled vinyl. The vinyl package includes an insert with lyrics and two Lost Frequencies stickers.




1. All Or Nothing (feat. Axel Ehnström)

2. What Is Love 2016

3. Beautiful Life (feat. Sandro Cavazza)

4. Sky Is The Limit (feat. Jake Reese)



1. Reality (feat. Janieck Devy)

2. Dance With Me

3. In Too Deep

4. Dying Bird (feat. Joakim Wilow)



1. Funky’n Brussels

2. Send Her My Love

3. Lift Me Up (feat. Nick Schilder)

4. Are You With Me



 1. St. Peter

2. Selfish Love

3. Footsteps In The Night

4. What Goes Around Comes Around

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