Chicane - The Place You Can't Remember, The Place You Can't Forget

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Released June 8th 2018

Reflecting a lot of changes – both personal and otherwise – for the legendary electronic music icon, while still appealing to the older followers of his trailblazing music, ‘The Place You Can’t Remember, The Place You Can’t Forget’ sees the return of the soul-searching, achingly addictive sounds of classic Chicane, recorded in the new Modena 4 studio, with a host of guest vocalists and writers. A collection of songs rather than a collection of streams, the album includes a smorgasbord of breathtaking productions, including first single ‘Serendipity’, an evergreen slice of sonic beauty that features the songwriting skills and vocal performance of Tracy Ackerman, known for her work on Chicane’s 2000 classic ‘No Ordinary Morning’.

From the ethereal opening of ‘Running To The Sea’ and the pure exuberance of ‘Nirvana’ to the coolness of ‘Ten Deep’, the plaintive ‘I Came Here For You’ and the poignant memories of heartbreak in ‘Fear I Must First Let You Go’, ‘The Place I Can’t Remember, The Place I Can’t Forget’ has something for all emotions. It resonates with the Chicane of old and the Chicane of now, and will prove a truly memorable and unforgettable offering able to withstand the test of time whenever it comes knocking.

 Running to the Sea
02 Gorecki
03 Serendipity
04 Love Thats Hard to Find
05 Chord-Less Yacht
06 Rainbow
07 Nirvana
08 Judder
09 I Came Here for You
10 Ten Deep
11 Fear I Must First Let You Go

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