Chicane - Twenty

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Released July 29th 2016

Few people in the world of Electronic Music have been around for as long as Chicane has been, and even fewer hit the studio with such tireless dedication and diligence. The result of this has been laid out in front of us year after year as his full-fledged Trance classics remained Trance’s top picks and fresh cuts from the British DJ and producer kept working their magic time and time again. But he is not done yet!

Bundling his best works of the last twenty years with mint tune ‘Dandelion’ and a few fresh, eye-popping remixes in a two-disc marvel, Chicane proves once again that he remains a Trance legend on top of his game. Enabling you to explore every inch of his legacy through a selection of his finest originals and remixes from the likes of Thomas Datt, Jody Wisternoff, Philip George, Grum, Kryder and more, ‘Twenty’ is what’s sure to get you clued up on all that Chicane is about. Don’t you think for a second that this is where his journey ends, though.

The story of Chicane hasn’t even began to truly unfold itself. How ‘bout twenty more years, huh?


CD 1
01 Offshore (Thomas Datt Remix) 
02 Saltwater (Jody Wistenoff Remix) (feat. Moya Brennan)
03 Poppiholla (Anniversary Remix)
04 Don't Give Up (Philip George Remix) (feat. Bryan Adams)
05 Offshore (Grum Extended Remix)
06 Saltwater (Kryder Remix) (feat. Moya Brennan)
07 Still With Me (Disco Citizens Remix) (feat. Bo Bruce)
08 Windbreaks
09 Dandelion
10 Carry Me Home (Twenty Rave Remix) (with Steve Edwards)
11 38 Weeks (KOKO Version) (feat. Lisa Gerrard)
12 Fibreglasses

CD 2
01 Already There
02 Offshore
03 Saltwater (feat. Moya Brennan)
04 Poppiholla 
05 Don't Give Up (feat. Bryan Adams)
06 No Ordinary Morning
07 What Am I Doing Here? Part 1
08 Sunstroke
09 Barefoot
10 Playing Fields (feat. Kate Walsh)
11 One Thousand Suns (KOKO Version) (with Ferry Corsten feat. Christian Burns)
12 Stoned In Love (Vertigo Mix) (feat. Tom Jones)
13 Three (with Vigri)
14 Hljóp (with Vigri)
15 Time Of Your Life
16 Early

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